Impata LMS | A UX Case study

Impata is a learning management solution that provides real-time video communication between learners and teachers, allows the exchange of information and resources between participants pretty much like a classroom in the cloud.

The problem

The current landing page was visually unappealing and did not do a good enough job of converting prospective clients. The owners of the platform wanted the product website to be redesigned such that it is more visually appealing, easier to follow, and generated leads in form of emails from prospective clients.

My role

My role was to liaise with the team, the front-end developer, and the copywriter, and create an easy to follow user interface design with compelling copy that convinces and onboards clients.


  1. User personas and scenarios
  2. User journey map
  3. User flows and screen flows
  4. Product sketches and mockups
  5. Prototype of designs
  6. Final presentation to the client and development team

The challenge

Getting to understand the different groups of clients ranging from school owners, individual teachers, and corporate organizations and then creating a website that worked for all these groups of users.

The results

The redesigned product website provided users with

1. Easily understand and navigate the platform with guidance from illustrations and clear call to action buttons.

2. Streamlined options for decision making by eliminating needless items, use of cohesive colour and typography.

Design process

Competitive analysis

I conducted an analysis of similar product websites with the team to understand industry trends. Some of the websites we studied were, edmodo and instructure and we found various methods of presenting value to prospective clients used by this website.

We conducted a usability audit of the existing landing page and affiliated pages and highlighted areas for improvement.

User research

User research was done by analysis of existing user feedback and interviews with willing participants to identify necessary areas of improvement for the landing page.

User types

Based on discussions with the team, three main groups of users were identified;

  1. School owners who seek to bring their school online.
  2. Individual tutors who seek to share their knowledge with more people.
  3. Corporate organizations that seek to conduct for their employees and teams.

Defining our principles

1. Make it easy to take action — Users either want to sign up to use the platform or reach out via email. We need to ensure that they never have to look too far to be able to do this.

2. Guide visitors with information — Visitors need sufficient information. Enough to make them interested and take action with the option to read more about a particular topic if necessary.

Typography and Colours

I selected Poppins font for this project because of its geometricity and wide range of weights. For colours, we used green as primary colour and tones of grey and green as supporting colours to be used as backgrounds.


The redesigned landing page was received positively by the team and was handed off to the developer for development.



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